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Office noise control in an open office environment


In an office environment, sometimes all you can hear are phones ringing, conversations amongst other staff, photocopiers beeping and printing as well as the kitchen microwave turning on and off non-stop. This can cause major frustrations and a lack of focus among staff.

Although open office environments are proven to boost collaboration between employees, they can also be very distracting when you’re trying to focus on something. In addition to this, concentration levels are reduced, and work productivity on the whole decreases.
When people refer to ‘office noise control’, it doesn’t mean cubicles become an employee working space or meeting rooms are soundproof. There are some strategies to reduce the level of noise in your workplace without drastic measures.

Introduce plants into the office interior design

Adding plants to your working environment can have sound-absorbing capabilities. In addition to this, plants have many health benefits, such as repairing oxygen levels in the office.

Install carpet flooring

Hard surfaces such as hardwood do a poor job at absorbing sound, unlike softer materials such as carpet.

Create a ‘quiet’ room

So you don’t have to completely rearrange your workplace due to noise, transforming a room into a dedicated ‘quiet’ space isn’t a bad idea. That means, when people need full concentration on an activity, they can go in there and not be disturbed.

Setting up some practical office furniture

We’ve mentioned some strategies above that will help with noise control but what about office furniture?
Including some acoustic office dividers are a great way to create some ‘chat’ areas and create a sense of privacy. You will notice, that people will be drawn to these dividers to have conversations rather than in the open office environment.
Office partitions are another way to reduce noise but aren’t too invasive or permanent. If you need to have some segregated areas in the office, they can be easily installed and moved around. They are available with soundproofing insulation as well.

Workstation setups have come a long way from the simple desk. Depending on the style you choose, they can also help reduce noise pollution in the office.
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