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Success at Prince of Wales Hospital Redevelopment
prince of wales hospital


Gregory Commercial Furniture has recently celebrated a milestone achievement in the successful completion of the Prince of Wales Hospital Redevelopment. This Project not only underscores our unwavering commitment to precision, quality, and dedication but also signifies a profound elevation in healthcare environments.


Our approach to this project was nothing short of holistic collaboration, engaging closely with key stakeholders including the hospital’s project manager, change management team, workplace health and safety team, and top leadership, including the CEO and General Manager of the Prince of Wales Hospital. This coordination ensured that every facet of the redevelopment harmonized seamlessly with the hospital’s vision and unique needs.


Beyond the mere act of furnishing, our primary goal was to curate an environment that transcends functionality – an atmosphere that champions both comfort and well-being. The fruits of our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence are evident in each meticulously crafted piece we manufactured and seamlessly installed. Notably, this feat was achieved within the confines of a specified timeline, exemplifying our dedication to delivering exceptional results.


Project highlights:

388 Task Chairs: Ergonomically designed to offer sustained comfort and support for hospital staff, these chairs seamlessly blend functionality with ergonomic design.

245 Drafting Chairs: Tailored for specialized workstations, these chairs provide both mobility and durability, catering to the unique demands of a hospital environment.

285 Lounges: Our lounges, a fusion of modern design and optimum comfort, serve as havens of relaxation for both visitors and patients.

22 Beam Seats: Space-efficient and streamlined, these seats are perfect for waiting areas, ensuring comfort without compromising valuable space.

1,394 Visitor Chairs: Designed with durability and ease of maintenance in mind, these chairs guarantee a comfortable and inviting seating experience for every hospital visitor.

117 Armchairs: Luxury meets comfort in these armchairs, perfectly suited for staff rooms, specialized areas, and VIP sections, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the hospital.

We take immense pride in our role in this transformative project, contributing to the metamorphosis of the Prince of Wales Hospital Acute Services Building. At Gregory Commercial Furniture, our dedication to creating spaces that truly matter remains unwavering, and this successful fitout stands as a living testament to that commitment.