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Indigenous Engagement

Indigenous traineeships

Partnered with Winya

Gregory Commercial Furniture acknowledge that our premises and manufacturing facilities operates on the country of the Darug People of the Darug Nation and acknowledge their ancestors who have been Traditional Owners of their country for thousands of years. Gregory Commercial Furniture also wishes to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Darug People’s Elders past and present.

Gregory has always had strong engagement strategies with the Indigenous community since it’s inception in 1988. It has been Gregory Commercial Furniture practice that proper cultural protocols be observed before the commencement of any meetings, conferences or any events, especially high profile events.

These cultural protocols are an Acknowledgment of the Traditional Owners of the country in which the event is being held as a sign of respect. This “Acknowledgement of Country” is a way that Gregory Commercial Furniture can demonstrate respect for Aboriginal protocol.

Enriching our Manufacturing & Employment Process

Indigenous Employment

Since Gregory’s partnership with Winya Indigenous Furniture additional engagement strategies have now been integrated into Gregory’s mission, vision and processes. Through strong ties with local land councils Gregory has enriched its manufacturing process through our Indigenous engagement and employment strategy. Gregory Commercial Furniture has prioritised the creation of apprenticeships and traineeships for Indigenous Australians. This strategy allows Gregory to provide valuable skills training, long-term employment and allows for future employment opportunities.

Additionally, Gregory works closely with Winya to supply furnishings to create custom bespoke Indigenous pieces for Winya’s many Corporate, Government, Education and Healthcare clients.