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We’re looking to directly work with professionals as part of our expanded and customised service. We’d like to offer you the opportunity to directly serve your clients by offering our award-winning chairs as well as customisable options including the usage of our laser measuring technologies at our city-based showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Darwin. By engaging with you as a part of this process, we hope to more fully support Australian office workers as well as allowing you to make an income as part of this process. We’d supply you with tools, information and our support team to make this an easy process for you and your patients. We’d also like to keep you up to date on any changes in seating technology in the area of ergonomic advancements as part of our in-house research capabilities. With a regular newsletter, like the one attached, about the latest ergonomic research. We’ve also supplied a sample brochure that you can supply your clients with. If you would like to be able to provide customised chairs to your clients, please give us a call and order your kit. With the kit you can order customised brochures for your clinic, with a discount code for your patients printed on the brochure so that you can get a rebate on these sales. There is also a special price available for chairs for your own clinic staff.