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Smart Chair

G-Smart Technology

Optional on all Gregory Chairs

Intelligent Ergonomic Technology

Introducing the Gregory Smart Chair, the most intelligent ergonomic technology the market has ever seen, combining Gregory’s award winning ergonomic seat technology with cutting edge sensor technology to create a holistic ergonomic solution. In built sensors in the dual density seat foam automatically detect when the user is seated incorrectly (potentially in a poor ergonomic position) and sends a push notification to the users smartphone to alert them. Further to the ergonomic notification, the sensors will also alert a user when they have been in a seated position for too long and it is time to move for their wellbeing, minimising the health risks associated with sitting for extended periods of time. The smart chair feature is optional on all Gregory chairs at time of manufacturing.

Available on Google Play & App Store

Smart Technology Right at Your Fingertips

More than simply an ergonomic chair, gregory smart chairs open up a whole whole new dimension of ergonomics and wellness ensuring the most valuable asset in any organisation, you, are protected. All gregory smart chairs come with free access to the Gregory smart chair app. This app enables you to take advantage of 30 years of ergonomic knowledge and research so you can enjoy the complete gregory experience and ensure you are seated in the optimum position. You can monitor your time seated during the day and make adjustments to your routines to achieve optimum and regular break times for maximum circulation benefits.

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Monitor your time seated to ensure maximum activity and wellness.

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Technology & Ergonomics

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Find out more about the world's smartest chair. The smart chair feature is optional on all Gregory chairs at time of manufacturing.

Technology & Ergonomics

Download the Quick G-Smart Guide

Gregory G-Smart is a free app provided to connect your Android or iOS device to Smart Chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start using my G-Smart Smart Chair?

Hardware: An Android device (phone or tablet) which has Bluetooth LE to connect with.
Software: G-Smart Smart Chair is on Google Play Store for Android devices. This app is FREE and can be downloaded from here.

How can G-Smart help me with my health?

It alerts you when you sit for a long time. It also sends you cautions on your device when chair’s sensors detect that your posture is not proper. It keeps your sitting profile for the past days.

Can I have G-Smart app on multiple devices?

Yes, max 4 phones can connect to one chair at the same time. You can run G-Smart app on your phone as well as your tablet. All you need is setting your username on all of them to share your activity data between your devices.

Can anyone else see my activity details or track me?

No, unless you don’t choose a username to login with your app and use your chair as guest. All activities and settings are saved in your chair not in your phone. You can simply create a username and password inside the app to keep your data safe. If you don’t want an account you can choose only a username to get a local user ID. This method provides a lower security level.

How can I connect my phone to the chair?

First of all you should install G-Smart app from Play Store. 

Open the installed app and tap on QR Scanner.Then scan the chair’s QR sticker through scanner window. For the next times, you don’t have to repeat this step again. You can tap on QR Scanner to connect directly to your recent chair.

What do I do if the G-Smart does not appear to be working?

1. Make sure that your app is the latest version. To check this go to Play Store and search for G-Smart and update if it is possible. You can also enable auto-update for G-Smart through the Play Store menu to receive the latest version when released.

2. Upgrade your chair’s firmware when it is notified by the app. A new firmware for G-Smart might be published and bundled with the app. It is strongly recommended to accept Upgrade Warning if you see it.

3. Be sure that you are on the right chair. You can see the signal strength through the scanner radar by tapping on “Pick Form List” button in QR scanner window. If there is more than one chair in list of chairs, search for the strongest signal when you put your phone on the seat. The chair with the blue icon is your recent chair and must be the strongest one.

4. If you are close to the chair but can’t find it in radar scanner, use a sharp thing like a pen to push the reset button located in the side of G-Smart module underneath the seat.

5. If resetting didn’t help, put the chair on a table in upside down position and open the G-Smart black box to replace the batteries. Two alkaline 1.5 Volts AAA batteries are needed.

Should I scan the QR sticker every time I use the chair?

No. As soon as you are using the same chair you don’t need to scan the sticker. App is always running on the background of your phone. It connects to your chair when it is in the range and disconnect when you go far. If the app is closed by any reason, open the app and tap the green button in the first page to reconnect to your last recent chair.
Note: For the background apps a message must resides in notifications bar in Android devices which can be manually disabled.

Is it possible to change alarm settings for my chair?

Yes, it is. You can change the settings when the app is connected to the chair. In Android go to Settings in menu which is on the top corner of main page. Simply adjust the timers to your desired values and exit.

Can I share my Gregory Smart Chair with someone else?

Yes, maximum 10 persons can share a Gregory Smart Chair simultaneously. They must choose different usernames on their phone to prevent their data from mixing up together. They also need to scan the QR sticker before their first sitting and use the green play button ever after.

How can I protect my activities data on Smart Chair when I am not present?

You should disconnect manually from your Smart Chair before leaving. It can be easily done by tapping on Home icon.
It is not necessary to disconnect if you are sure that no one sits on your chair in absence of you.
You need to tap on Recent Chair icon at the next time if you disconnect manually from the chair.

What if I lose the QR sticker of my chair?

Connecting is still available by tapping on Pick From List in the bottom of QR scanner window.
A QR sticker helps your phone identify your chair quickly. They are also a proof that you have access to the chair physically.

I don’t get notification on my phone sometimes so I have to run G-Smart app again. Why doesn’t G-Smart keep running in background?

It seems your phone has killed the background process due to battery optimisation. Some phones like Samsung have strict rules for that reason and you should exclude G-Smart from list of the battery consuming apps. You can get more information from