Sit-Stand Sustainable Workstation

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The Gregory desk comes as part of our new “Circular Workstation” sustainability practice. If you specify the Gregory’s sit-stand desk as part of our service we can take back your old workstations and repurpose and recycle them to use in our lounges.

The Gregory Sit-Stand desk comes in a variety of options, straight, back-to-back, L-shaped, 120 degrees and our revolutionary shoulder support system. The shoulder support system relieves up to 16% of neck and shoulder strain with correct use. This support reduces the likelihood of the user slumping into a ‘c’ shaped position in their spine which can be damaging to the lumbar. This also means that the user can increase their standing time without fatigue.

This desk has separate actuator and motor in each leg to provide an ultra-quiet adjustment, it is also BIFMA tested to up to 100kg. The Gregory sit-stand has the most extensive range of motion to suit all users ranging from 625mm up to 1275mm, many regular desks only reach up to 1100mm which is not ergonomically sound for a person over 180cm.

The Gregory sit-stand includes a free Bluetooth app allowing you to set your pre-sets and reminders to stand up, hot desk via a simple scan of a QR code, book a desk and check the cleaning log of that desk. You can customise this desk to your liking with our full range of power and data accessories and acoustic screen options.

Importantly this desk comes with 10 year warranty meaning we will take back your desk and fix it with the help of our in-house technology team instead of simply sending it to landfill like other suppliers.

The Gregory Sit-Stand is the most sustainable, ergonomic and customisable desk on the market!

Sit-Stand Sustainable Workstation Features

Shoulder Support range features

  • Ergonomic shoulder support sit/stand desk
  • Can relieve pressure on your spine by up to 16% Increases standing time without fatigue
  • Contoured work surface to reduce neck and shoulder pain (standard shape also available)
  • 1500 x 900mm or 1800 x 900mm work surface
  • Twin electric motor design
  • 3 position memory function LED height display (available on left or right side)
  • Powdercoat telescopic frame 10 year warranty
  • Full local warranty and in-house electronics capability
  • COVID booking system new for 2021

Range options

  • Single or dual monitor arm
  • Modesty panel
  • White or black powdercoat frame
  • Bluetooth connectivity

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