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ACOUSTIX Pod is the first portable acoustic office booth designed specifically for wheelchair access and compliance with building fire sprinkler requirements. We understand that your employee’s health and safety in the new “normal” COVID-19 environment is a top priority and it’s ours too. For this reason, ACOUSTIX Pod comes with optional HEPA filtration

Portable and Accessible –

ACOUSTIX Pod is both flexible and inclusive, featuring movable pods that can be easily repositioned without disassembly. Additionally, it is the first portable acoustic office booth designed to accommodate wheelchair access and meet building fire sprinkler requirements.


Acoustix Pod is a Class A Speech Reduction Pod, tested in accordance with ISO 23351-1:2020 standards, ensuring it delivers the perfect level of tranquility to support your success in open-plan office environments.


Versatile Upholstery Choices 

Explore a diverse selection of upholstery options, offering a wide spectrum of colors to perfectly complement your office design.

Speech level reduction

ISO 23351 classes pods and booths as A+, A, B, C, or D in accordance per amount of speech level reduction.The booth/ pod must reduce at least 25 decibels/dB of sound to guarantee speech privacy in the typical office.
 Speech level is measured outside and inside the booth. The measurements calculate the decibel amount of speech level reduction provided by the product.


 ISO 23351-1:2020 standard measures speech reduction levels of phone booths, work pods, and other furniture ensembles and calculates a figure called “speech level reduction.” (decibels/dB).


For example: if you are speaking inside a booth that’s Class B. (your speech averages 60dB). The Class B booth reduces speech levels by up to 30dB.

For reference, 30 decibels is about the power of a whisper.

Background noise for the vast majority of offices is at least 40dB. So the 30dB of sound that seeps outside the Class B work pod in this scenario will be masked by the office’s background noise. In short, none of your speech will be audible or intelligible to those outside.

Class A+, A, and B pods all reduce speech levels by at least 25dB. Say you’re speaking (again, at 60dB) in a pod that reduces your speech by at least 25dB. A maximum of only 35dB of your sound will seep outside of the booth onto the floor. This 35dB will be, in turn, inaudible and unintelligible on the typical office floor (given its 40dB of background noise which masks said 35dB).



  1. Fire Sprinkler Accessible Roofing is designed to enable sprinkler water flow for multi-storey buildings
  2. Usable Whiteboard End Panels
  3. Window Privacy & Decals (optional)
  4. Acoustic Panels Walls tested to 27% decibel reduction
  5. Circular Airflow System brings in office air. Design stimulates draw through and natural convection, while dual ceiling mounted fans maximise air exchange. 
  6. Integrated Power: 2 x GP and USB A & USB C, Optional HDMI cabling and data (CAT6, CATa6, CAT7), Power access and panel configuration for attachment of wall-mounted TV and monitors.
  7. Easy Access Powerwall Panels allow your IT department to run and connect any cabling in walls and ceilings. The quick-release panel system gives you team full flexibility.
  8. Optional lounges or sit-stand desks

Design Details


Attaining ultimate user comfort with a perfect synergy of balanced acoustics, effective air ventilation, and integrated built-in furniture. Plus, the added benefit of customizable table or lounge seating options


Quality pods are built using durable and long-lasting materials. This ensures that they can withstand daily use and continue to perform optimally for years.


Ceiling-mounted fans assist with exhaust


Single Person Acoustix Pod / Telephone Booth


1270mm Wide (Door/opening side) x 1250mm Deep X 2165mm high


With glass on both sides ( door side and opposite side )

1080mm Wide (Door/opening side) x 850mm Deep x 2050mm high

With glass on the door side only

1080mm Wide (Door/opening side) x 970mm Deep x 2050mm high

Wheelchair Accessibility and DDA Compliance

At Gregory, we recognize the significance of wheelchair accessibility in our acoustic pods. While our pods can be DDA compliant, it’s crucial to consider their placement. Wheelchair accessibility encompasses not only the pod’s interior but also its surroundings. Specific requirements, including turning radius, entry pathways, and ramp/step specifications, must be met to ensure entryways are accessible for wheelchairs. 

A clear approach path and an area to turn outside the POD is required. And this will be larger than you think because the turning circle inside POD is at the minimum unless you use a larger size POD. (see path diagram)

Wheelchair accessibility is also not fixed by adding a little “ramp” at the door. Most imported PODs have a step up into them. If that step is more than 35mm high (and they all are), you cannot use a little ramp. To meet DDA access requirements, if the step is greater than 35mm, then a full resting Platform of at least the width of the door is required outside of the door, so that the wheelchair user can control their “climb” and access the door properly.  So with an imported POD, you always need a sizable hump in your office hallway to allow for wheelchair access into an Imported POD.