Introducing the new Gregory Firstline Chair, designed by the experts in ergonomics. Gregory’s Firstline Chair has been developed in conjunction with Police and Emergency Services to provide an ergonomic chair that truly works for the front line workforce’s unique needs.

Front line staff can be particularly hard on office seating and normal office chairs simply do not cut it. These chairs are used 24/7 and need to support first line workers for long-term seated periods. Regular office chairs are not designed for this level of support.

Regular office chairs are damaged quickly in heavy use front line service environments because they have not been designed to accommodate for all the abrasion from belt-worn equipment. Comfort for the front line user is also compromised due to equipment belts impacting their seated position on the chair. Instead of being seated with their pelvis and lumbar in the correct position to the back of the chair, front line staff who use regular office chairs are forced to adopt a more forward posture. This critically impacts the ability of the user to use their chair to its full ergonomic potential in order to support them while seated and protect them from sedentary related back, neck and shoulder injuries.

Finally, Gregory Commercial Furniture, Australia’s leading ergonomic seating manufacturer, has created a solution. For 30 years Gregory Commercial Furniture has made what Physiotherapists recognise as the best in workplace seating. Gregory has a specialised solution to accommodate for the unique seating needs of the front line workforce. Firstline has been developed through rigorous consultation with Police, Emergency Service Agencies and Security Companies. There is no better ergonomic chair for front line staff.





Gregory has worked with the Police force and other front line services to understand how to create a seat that overcomes the extreme wear in the front line services work environment. This understanding has been combined with Gregory Commercial Furniture’s ergonomic expertise to maximise the user’s comfort, support and movement opportunities to a level never previously achieved.

The result of this work is the most durable and ergonomically supportive chair ever designed for front line workers.

Firstline is designed for comfort, with unique design features in the seat including accommodations for equipment belts, lumbar and shoulder movement and 160kg durability testing.

For those charged with managing the fit out and serviceability of front line facilities, the design also reduces wear and tear on the chair, keeping it newer for much longer.

Gregory’s Firstline Chair has been developed in conjunction with Police and Emergency Services to provide an ergonomic chair that truly works for the front line workforce’s unique needs.

  • The strongly tapered lower seat back and special wide but tapered seat design, all work together to provide freedom of movement and optimal support whilst wearing belt-attached equipment. This also has a significant benefit of increasing the life of the chair and its fabric by reducing or eliminating abrasion points
  • Lumbar and integrated spine support bar allows for additional shoulder spacing for ease of movement
  • Gregory’s famous dual density seat is newly designed for improved hygiene in medical support



The Firstline seat features Gregory’s patented Dual Density foam. The separation of the two foam densities is indicated by the tiered foam system. The pelvis gently ‘sinks’ and is supported in the softer section in the correct seating position at the back of the chair. Firmer foam at the front discourages the pelvis from sliding forward into the slouching “C” curve of poor posture.

Additional adjustable lumbar support has been added due to feedback received from the research conducted by Gregory for the Firstline.

The Firstline features a modern sculpted back to support the thoracic spine and under the shoulder blades which reduces neck strain. Firstline features fully adjustable seat tilt, back tilt with flexible mobility and full lumbar support and is height adjustable.

Optional upgrade to include Gregory’s superior and leading G-Smart Technology. The smartest way to sit. G-Smart comes with an app that alerts you when you are seated incorrectly, allows you to set up reminders to stand up and tracks how long you seat each day. Combine your Firstline with G-Smart for the best ergonomic seating on the market

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Firstline Ergonomic Chair for Front Line Environments
Firstline Ergonomic Chair for Front Line Environments


Gregory’s revolutionary Gsmart is an available option on all Firstline chairs, combining Gregory’s award winning ergonomic seat technology with cutting edge sensor technology to create a holistic ergonomic solution.

In built sensors in the dual density seat foam automatically detect when the user is seated incorrectly (potentially in a poor ergonomic position) and sends a push notification to the users smartphone to alert them.

Further to the ergonomic notification, the sensors will also alert a user when they have been in a seated position for too long and it is time to move for their wellbeing, minimising the health risks associated with sitting for extended periods of time. The smart chair feature is optional on all Gregory chairs at time of manufacturing.

More than simply an ergonomic chair, Gregory smart chairs open up a whole new dimension of ergonomics and wellness ensuring the most valuable asset in any organisation, you, are protected.

All Gregory smart chairs come with free access to the Gregory smart chair app. This app enables you to take advantage of 30 years of ergonomic knowledge and research so you can enjoy the complete Gregory experience and ensure you are seated in the optimum position.

You can monitor your time seated during the day and make adjustments to your routines to achieve optimum and regular break times for maximum circulation benefits.


Simply scan the unique QR code underneath your gregory chair to sync your smartphone to and begin enjoying the Gregory experience.

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