Smart Chair

Introducing the Gregory Smart Chair, the most intelligent ergonomic technology the market has ever seen, combining Gregory’s award winning ergonomic seat technology with cutting edge sensor technology to create a holistic ergonomic solution.

In built sensors in the dual density seat foam automatically detect when the user is seated incorrectly (potentially in a poor ergonomic position) and sends a push notification to the users smartphone
to alert them. Further to the ergonomic notification, the sensors will also alert a user when they have been in a seated position for too long and it is time to move for their wellbeing, minimising the health risks associated with sitting for extended periods of time.

The smart chair feature is optional on all Gregory chairs at time of manufacturing.

More than simply an ergonomic chair, gregory smart chairs open up a whole whole new dimension of ergonomics and wellness ensuring the most valuable asset in any organisation, you, are protected.

  • Alerts users when seated in poor posture
  • Reduces the chance of develping deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Improves productivity and wellbeing
  • Automatic asset auditing to reduce risk

All gregory smart chairs come with free access to the Gregory smart chair app. This app enables you to take advantage of 30 years of ergonomic knowledge and research so you can enjoy the complete gregory experience and ensure you are seated in the optimum position.

You can monitor your time seated during the day and make adjustments to your routines to achieve optimum and regular break times for maximum circulation benefits.

App Features