Gregory Standesk Electronic Movable Sit Stand Desk




Innovative, ergonomic, and beautifully designed…..The Australian designed Gregory Standesk Electronic Desk is the best movable sit-stand desk for every work space. This easily adjustable electronic model is perfect for all desk spaces. A cost-effective and convenient choice for especially small spaces.

This Standesk will change your desk space into a sit-stand workstation. Giving you the ergonomic advantage of sitting and standing without the cost and hassle of buying a new desk.

The Standesk has an electronic height-adjustable tool. Letting you to sit and stand, simply by using a control board. Whilst being small and compact, the Standesk has two-layered working levels which allow for a larger space to hold monitors, a laptop, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories.

The Standest also has a three buttons memory setting that you can save your top choice height. With a single monitor mount and keyboard and mouse desk.

The electronic touch tool motor which is fast, smooth, and effortless height flow between. Able to lift up t0 40kg.  Standesk has infinite height settings for any height you may desire and is adjustable in seconds. Sensor touch buttons make the lifting process effortless to adjust, even fully loaded.

Gregory Standesk Electronic Movable Sit Stand Desk Features

  • Electronic height
  • Height memory
  • Single monitor mount
  • Two-level desks
  • Anti-collision
  • Sleep/ power mode
  • Separate keyboard table
  • Black and white colour choice
  • Suitable for 1, 2 or 3 monitor bracketsKeyboard Size = 700mm x 220mmDesktop Size = 700mm x 380mm

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