Gregory Small Ergonomic Footrest




Gregory Small Ergonomic Footrest

The Small Ergonomic Footrest is suitable for users with small desks or for users who do not frequently use a computer.

Why do we need footrest as well as an ergonomic chair and desk. Well this Footrest promotes blood  circulation, especially when you’ve been sitting for a long period of time. If you sit with your seat handing or your knees at an odd angle all day you have have a risk of forming blood clots and varicose veins. Further more a twisted hips often form the back to twist to making it not the best ergonomic position.

This Footrest can also reduce lower back tension and off load pressure on your lower limbs. Even if you use a standing desk, a footrest allows you to adjust your weight. Considering your legs and feet is very important to improve circulation and prevent long term health problems.

Footrest are also ideal for shorter people. Finding the right chair to fit a short person can be hard, so footrests can ensure they are keeping both feet flat and on a solid platform. This can also make sure a persons weights is evenly distributed.

Sitting down all day is the that best thing for your body, there for Footrests encourage a rocking movement which keeps the blood flow moving. If your chair doesn’t have a waterfall edge, then a Footrest is the ideal solution for you.

Lastly, Footrests just make your sitting experience a lot more comfortable. Guaranteeing only benefits of comfort and health improvements.

Adjustable Height Range 70mm – 185mm. Board Size – 450mm x 260mm

The Large Tall Footrest is appropriate to use where the desk height is higher than normal, or where the user needs to be at eye contact with the client.

Adjustable Height Range 250mm – 380mm. Board Size – 450mm x 350mm

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