Auditorium Seating System




This auditorium seating system is a versatile and fully customizable seating solution for your auditorium. The steel seat shell is silver powder-coated and perforated. Additionally, the pedestals, armrests and side rails are die-cast aluminium. Adding padded
PVC leather can elevate the look. Furthermore, custom features can be added to ensure the seating works for you!

Auditorium Seating System Features

  • Polypropylene (P.P.) backrest
  • Seat with a retrieval system
  • PU armrest
  • Die-cast aluminium arm frame
  • A3 size ABS writing tablet (Optional: with stainless steel swivel joint)
  • Stainless steel swivel joint
  • Fixed leg
  • Optional: Power cable fittings
  • Optional: Writing Tablet
  • Steel frame with powder coating finish
  • High density moulded PU foam for back and seat cushion.
  • Fabric 100% Polyester with CA117 fire retardant
  • Aluminium alloy right arm frame, powder coating finish.
  • Optional: PVC Leather
  • Optional: Swivel Rotate Seating


System Dimensions
  • Centre to centre per seat: 530 mm minimum (bigger sizes available)
  • Depth when the seat is opened: 600 mm
  • Seat Height: 440 mm
  • Seat Shell Width: 520 mm
  • Perforation hole diameter: 2 mm
  • Padding (Optional) Thickness: 10 mm
  • Armrest:  393mm x 335mm x 48mm
  • Tablet Thickness: 11mm x 290mm x 420mm
Chair Dimensions
  • Width: 420mm
  • Depth: 497mm
  • Seat Height: 497mm
  • Overall Height: 838mm

Overall, the customisation and high quality of this auditorium seating make it the perfect choice for your auditorium.

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