Gregory AUDIT 30 Square Base Auditorium Seat




Audit 30 Auditorium Square Base Seat Feature

The Audit 30 Auditorium Square Base Seat is an upholstered Mono-block design with wooded side panels and steel frame feet and arms. This design appears more stylish thank the other Audit ranges. 

The Gregory Audit 30 Auditorium Square Base is an armchair that stands out for its detail and simplistic design. All sides of these seats add depth to both the front and rear view, making this chair the best choice for any architectural spaces. These chairs are also great for auditoriums, theatres, and conference rooms. Designed by Alegre IndustrialTM and Actiu R+D.

The seats and backrest for these Audit Chairs include a gravity tip-up seat and backrest with a plywood build and padding in non-deformable, fire-slowing, shaped polyurethane foam. The floor fixing is done with an anchoring foot encased in a painted metal collar.
Finally, these chairs can be lined on a flat and sloped flooring or on steps, in straight or curved rows.

These chairs also have an ergonomic design to ensure longer comfort. The slope of the seat and backrest makes sitting very enjoyable and relaxing.
You can choose the design of an inclined or straight armrest design with an inside metal build, made of wood. As well as having an increased thickness and tip-up foldaway writing tablet. The rear backrest can be fitted with a service table. These features are great for educational purposes

This smart chair also has hidden tools, including smart Floor Technology foldaway system, which hides the seat in a flat position under the flooring.

Audit 30 Auditorium Seat Options

Row labeling and seat numbering, for the backrest
Option for audio/video devices
Wooden under-seat panel
Backrest panel in painted wood
Option for electric power supply (socket on demand)
Tip-up foldaway writing tablet
Bi-laminated backrest folding table
Tip-up foldaway writing tablet
Tip-up writing tablet on single-base mod T200

Polypropylene padded arm rests

Designed by Alegre IndustrialTM and Actiu R+D Department.

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