^Tri-Tek Pressure Reduction Technology™ is the latest seating design from Gregory Commercial Furniture. Tri-Tek has been in development for over 2 years in conjunction with renowned international ergonomists, occupational therapists and our in-house design team to provide the user with increased support and comfort.

Tri-Tek is proud to have been a finalist in the 2011 Australian International Design Awards and holds the Good Design™ trade mark.

Key Features & Benefits of Gregory Tri-Tek Pressure Reduction Technology™:

– In most office chairs the body weight is spread throughout the seat pan thus restricting blood flow to the lower extremities. Tri-Tek reduces pressure under the thigh by centralising the weight to under the ischial tuberosities (sitting bones) where there is less tissue and arteries.

– The tear drop shape internal foam cores placed under the ischial tuberosities are contoured internally to ’flex’ which balances the weight of the user to under the ischial tuberosities therefore promoting a healthy ‘S’ curve in the spine.
– The unique contouring of the seat and waterfall front acts as a forward seat tilt without feeling like you are slipping out of the chair. This assists to open the pelvis and balance your head, spine and pelvis and promote and healthy ‘S’ curve in the spine.
– Moulded foam seat with Bactericide.
– ^Patented design
– ^International Patent Application No. PCT/AU2010/001715

What our customers have had to say about Gregory Tri-Tek Pressure Reduction Technology™
Cheryl Wegner – Safety Matters

“Tri Tek cushion positioned with seat pan parallel to the floor was observed to increase the hip angle of the user to slightly greater than 90 degrees due to the increased cushion density underneath the sitting bones, and cushion sloping away towards the front of the seat pan(thus raising the ischial tuberosities slightly higher than the knees).

Many ergonomic researchers are in agreement that open hip angles (angles greater than 90 degrees) and reclining postures results in less lumbar pressure, however a subjective observation on my part through years of assessing sitting postures at workstations is that when the spine is upright with head balanced on top of the spine, an improved spine balance can be achieved by angling the seat pan forward (opening the hip angle) rather than reclining the chair back, as a forward sloping seat pan supports a more standing like posture of the spine and maintains an upright balance of the spine, allowing workers to easily access their workstation equipment without reaching, and subsequent static loading of muscles of their upper arms / shoulders, upper back and neck, potentially resulting in other musculoskeletal issues.”

Rosie – DMC Medical Centre

Overall Comfort of the seat

The overall comfort was excellent and helped my posture quite a lot. 10/10.

Does it assist with correcting your posture

It did correct my posture a lot, and I find that I’m sitting up and not slouching, also my back no longer hurts like it used to before I started the trial.

General comments

I loved trialling the chair and don’t want to give it up.

Sarah Harris – Allen & Overy

Overall Comfort of the seat

The seat took a few days to adjust to. However after that it was really comfortable. Given our desks, it was great to have arms on the chair. I especially like the back support. Overall comfort 9/10.

Does it assist with correcting your posture

Yes – I think I was sitting more to the left side. When I first sat on the chair, I felt I was lop-sided, however this changed within a few days. I also noted that I was not hunched forward trying to read my computer screen.

Michelle McDonnell – Red Cross

Overall Comfort of the seat

I found the chair very comfortable. It took me a few days to ensure I sat back into it, but once I got used to this I was really comfortable. It came naturally to sit back into the chair.

Does it assist with correcting your posture

Definitely – the curve of my back was well supported. I found it really helped with my posture.

General Comments

Since the chair has been removed I’m not sitting correctly. I think it really benefited me. Looking forward to receiving my complementary chair.

Carly Cullen – Legacy
Overall Comfort of the seat

The firmness of the chair is fantastic! Really really comfortable, especially in the seat. It was amazing not to have any tightness, aches or pain in the neck, back and arms after hours and hours of sitting at the desk.

I found I didn’t get as restless or fatigued as I sometimes do when sitting in other chairs. A huge benefit is that it can be adjusted and tailored so well to my personal needs. I liked that the chair swivelled so easily so that I didn’t have to stretch or twist awkwardly when reaching for things.

Also the fabric was nice and not hot or scratchy.

All I can say is I was blown away by the noticeable difference. Who knew that a chair would be so comfortable.

Does it assist with correcting your posture

Yes! I don’t think my sitting posture has ever been so good! (I even noticed a slight difference in my standing posture too).

Being taller I’ve always found the back of my chair is too short for my body. (So the curve would often be near my tail bone and I would end up tucking my hips and bottom in because the support was never high enough).

Whereas this chair was so supportive and fitted the natural curve in my back so I felt comfortable and centred. (I have been sitting so straight it felt a bit strange at first). 10/10 for comfort, highly recommend.

General comments

To have my workstation tailored to my personal needs was a real treat and made a remarkable difference!

Emma was so lovely and helpful.

At first it took a while to get used to no arms, but it was actually much better as my chair fitted properly under the desk and I was sitting much closer to the keyboard.

Now that the trial is over I really noticed the difference (It was the Rolls Royce of chairs) and I miss it!

Really enjoyed taking part in the trial.

P.S. It has been some weeks now since the trial and I REALLY miss the chair.