Gregory Commercial Furniture has implemented new safety procedures to keep staff and visitor safe across all Gregory office locations. At each location we have sign in sheets in organise to track foot traffic in the case of an outbreak, thermometers ensuring anyone with a temperature over 37.3 degrees doesn’t enter the premises and multiple hand sanitiser stations.

Gregory’s employees are practicing social distancing through our newly updated office layouts and regularly sanitising themselves. We have cleaning processes in place to ensure transmission doesn’t occur through object contact. Gregory’s employees are also using facial coverings during their commutes.

Gregory’s Melbourne staff are currently in lockdown and are operating from their home offices. Gregory’s staff has been set up with our nationally recognised ergonomic seating and desking to fit out their home offices to ensure that the Occupational Health and Safety of Gregory’s employees is up to standard.

Within Gregory’s manufacturing facilities we are practicing social distancing, using facial coverings and regularly sanitising work areas and high contact touch points. You can be assured that upon receival of a Gregory product we have carried out significant sanitation processes as part of our prioritisation of customer wellbeing and safety.



Gregory has a range of COVID safe products including COVID safe screens, sanitiser stations and medically appropriate seating. Gregory has an extensive healthcare range that is being used in hospitals across Australia. Our antimicrobial upholstery solutions allow for easy sanitation and disease control.